Good Vs Evil? Not really …

… but Static Vs Progression!

We do normally listen story about a good white Knight against the evil black Knight, or the good policeman against the evil terrorist, or the good army against the evil one.

So we are pushed in a way to always see a duality, the Yin and Yang, Zero and One, War and Peace, that is just creating a false view of the life in us, that’s only mislead our attention to the reality close to us or in us.

The fight or war is in us, between us, close to us and it is only relevant to the fact that we always have a choice to leave everything as it is or to move to another level, to choose to forget the past and go toward the future.

That’s a constant in the life of everyone, where the best archetype are represented by the Darwin’s theory from one side and the Golden Ratio (or Fibonacci sequence) on the other side, where the Darwin’s followers are resigned from the possibility of evolution, or better they leave the evolution to the casuality and time, where casuality is a rare chance to succeed and time is closer to infinity and beyond, otherwise the few ones who has understood the meaning of the fibonacci sequence (that clearly is a sign showed to us into the nature, into any created thing) has clear in mind that the evolution is (or can be) faster then a rocket, faster then the speed of light and more.

The Darwinian men or Ape’s inheritors, claim that the evolution is but fast, indeed they show us (already at the kindergarten to wash our brains) that the earth is old of millions of years and the first Ape is very far in time from us, so that they slowed their evolution.
The Super-men otherwise they understood that after the 1st step you have to take 1 moment of meditation before to go for the 2nd step, then after the 2nd you take another smal step (3rd) since the previous meditation made you already capable of that step, and then now you don’t need to go step by step, but you can go for a double step and then jump from 3 to 5 and later from 5 to 8 and from 13 to 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987… toward the unlimited evolution and beyond.

But clearly, as I specified at the very beginning, there are forces that are slowing us trough the confusion, creating doubts and false idols (likewise, needs of ‘to have’ instead of needs of ‘to use’ or even more sophisticated ones like the “work’s retirement program”/ “life’s insurance”, “Share”…).

Do you think that those have been created by the evil ones?
Not really, those are only the inner representations of our weakness, the graphic and material representation of our laziness or fear to progress.
The first enemy and greater enemy of us is not the Devil (amsr, brr), but is our inner self that it always create excuses not to go forward to face new challenges but rather create an accommodating atmosphere to let us seat and don’t move (don’t explore).

There is not duality but plurality of forces that are working for the same goal for the same scope, creating chance and counter-chance to let us choose and learn from our choices.

Any time a great culture/empire reach is maximum extension/dominion, this will soon be destroyed from outer enemy. And the reason for that is the missing choice to change to evolve in a different way.
But if the great culture/empire make his choice for continuing expansion in a way to leave his old path and change his type of expansion, then this culture/empire will be left and forget as it is (and it will be absorbed by the newer) to be created from scratch as a new culture/empire in a new and more brilliant shape as a new and more brilliant way.

So, if you look for an enemy, then look at the mirror, because is You!

PS: there are not tangible signs that the evolution become involution, the idea that you may born again as a worm or fish or anything less then human, is just with no fundaments (but you may stop for quite long ever-passing time).

N.B.; the evolution is generally draw as a line that it goes up, generally in nature what goes up it goes from right to left, the human clock is wrong .



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