Thoughts, where they come from (step2)

You and us

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, not all thoughts belonging to us; then to who?

What I’m writing is not coming from my ego, hopefully, but from the needs I’m feeling to share the knowledge I received.

So, I repeat again my first question, do we really know ourselves?

If we are honest and humble, we must say No.

Thoughts are coming from our free will to observe the outer and inner realities, as a proper demand to understanding our nature and the nature; but that is one only of the aspects we have and this is also not observable but deductible.

Now I’m going to explain other 2 aspects that have been showed (in different ways) to me:

Outer suggestions:

Once, I was relaxing over the sofa, I started to have a thought that at that time I was sure to have resolved/clarified, was a circular thought (because the Ego took it as his own) that has created me many problems, then I suddenly stopped this thought asking to my self <why this thought again?>. After this question I just opened my eyes, and I saw a white shadow slip away from my body.

Then I realized a new knowledge of the realities around us.

Before to say anything, just remember that there are lights and darkness in us and around us, and who looks for self realization must be tested.

Inner suggestions :

In a complex dream, where the one who was talking (apparently a friend of mine, but I don’t know him) was shouting against another man with a strange argumentation. Then I was suddenly transported inside my friend’s throat, where I saw many faces inside, all of them with the mouth covered by a strip of his skin, and one only was talking, actually shouting, and was saying exactly what my friend was saying.

So this bring me to an immediate deduction.

Another relevant point, to put in evidence, is that the one who was suggesting from inside the throat, was having the face of the other interlocutor (the shouted one).

So this bring me to several deduction.

There are other ways, just suggested to me from inside, but those are bringing us in a suspiciously labyrinth of the mind, likewise are the subliminal suggestions made by the evil party, via evil’s instruments. Those are true and many made in different ways, for this reason we must reinforce our dominion over the mind against the ego’s dominion, because the Ego push down our strength and increase mind weakness, and a weak mind is an easily suggestible mind.

<once i had a vision of myself, when I was a kid, with my family and we were all together watching TV, when suddenly a lion appeared almost out of tv and it was roaring to us, then my mother unconsciously has commanded to us all to go to bed immediately>, that’s it, only this, but it is crystal clear how we can be influenced by devil’s tools.

There are ways to keep control of our mind or to calm it down, someone teach us at night time, but if you want to improve, consciously and in more powerful way, then ask, ask it as a desire of new knowledge of new realization. Ask, never forget to ask <inside>.


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