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‘illuminati’? Made in Human Been

As soon we destroy the illusion, then we can finally realize that we are the builders, the puppeteers!

But the illusion is well defended by the Architect (the Ego) and it ride us via the laziness, so that, so much that our inner-truly-self has created the “illuminati”.

They are the kick at the bottom of the chair, who let us finally wake-up just few moments before to collapse, to die forever!

We can’t wake up from this nightmare just because we want, but our will, is creating what is necessary to us, is about time and behavior.

Is this not a world of signs? Obviously I can’t have an answer to who never watched out and then In to discover that out is just a form of our inner self. So I can’t talk with the sleepers, neither with that much of Christians who are drunk and ‘swine’.

Those Illuminati are clearly fulminati (electrocuted) but you can’t realize that they are the product of your subconscious, which is kicking you from inside to ask you, pls, my self, please let me go out of this cage made by fat muscles and bones, with strong bars of desires, wich enrich only the outer senses!!

As soon you understand that nobody is died to save you, to let you be lazy on your stupid sofa, nobody took the cross for you, but you have to struggle, you have to search for reality, then this is the first step that will kick the Illuminati back!

Don’t let your subconscious start a new global war*, don’t let your-outer-self be killed by your wrongdoing and stupidity.

Don’t let be guided by the ipocrytal, the fake ministers, the dogs.

Who follow the dogs is surely a fooled one.

The dogs must follow the owners!

Let’s the rain be dry, so you may have some more time to put you neck down!

* I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack atoms disappearing behind the curtain before the shoulder of God. I watched waves glitter in the dark near the hell’s gate. All those particles will be lost in time.

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