By a point endless lines..

That’s quantum mechanic teaching, isn’t so?!

We knew a deep secret about how it works the life, since we were kids!

But now, pls, tell me why between 2 points one and only 1 straight line?

That’s the observer my friend, the observer! Ahahah

Do you mean that if I watch my footsteps, I do not open “Pandora”?

Of course my friend, if you remember the Way, from the beginning to the end, you don’t loose by your self🐬.

And do not forget that there are infinite points between 2 points! Nice journey.

Ma, ti prego, spiegami la differenza tra le varie dimensioni, questa da bambini non l’hanno spiegata affatto.

Noo?!? E allora guarda…

And then the entanglement?

I told you before, did you already forget it!

2 points are already a line if they are in touch to each other… and they are!

P.S.: I do not promote spherical earth, I know is not a sphere!

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