From the zero level

Conscius is the one who wants to guide.
Uncoscious is Well guidance.

Conscius (that is actually a sleeping conscius) he doesn’t perceive unity
Unconscius (that we shall call “the only conscius”) do not admit separation but he can’t express any specific thing without the conscius

If you want to change the world, is useless to go and shout on the street
verily an humble and isoleted man in a forgotten land is changing the world more than you can image

You shouthing to few ones
he’s “talking” to everybody

The conscious is not able to give, because he is watching only the self
In truth the player is the listner, so that the humble man is able to receive (uncon.) and then to give (con.& uncon.)

Are you listen to me? No, because your conscious self is making noise and trambling for any kind of material stress
Indeed is useless to write, because if this is coming from the unique unconsciusness, you have reached alredy, or you are the one who sent it.

too late…? maybe, or maybe after the yom kippur someone rise his hearing from the celestial hear (expecially the scandinavians).

Duum, dum dum… dum, dum, duum….

PS: if you didn’t get it, you may have to stop yourself, before would really be too late!


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